Business Lasting Powers of Attorneys

Without one banks take the view that once a person has become mentally incapacitated any bank accounts with that person's name on should stop taking any assets from it immediately. This includes joint accounts as each person named on the account is seen as owning the assets 100% each. This can mean a business that has been trading successfully all of a sudden cannot pay employees wages, stock cannot be replenished, contractual breaches are ignited and loans can get called in. All the hard work and years of trading successfully are replaced by financial ruin overnight. 

Pushing Up Daisyz gives peace of mind to any business by helping you make sure a official 'just in case' strategy is in place. Whether you are a sole trader, limited or a partnership we will help you identify suitable attorneys so the business can continue to carry out the necessary tasks to continue trading, be sold or closed down without delays and complications.