Funeral Plans

A pre-paid funeral plan can be one of the most thoughtful legacies we could ever wish to leave to our loved ones.

Get Peace of Mind Planning Ahead

Few of us enjoy discussing or even thinking about the day when we are no longer around. You may take the attitude that what happens to you after death doesn't matter, you won't care, you'll be dead - or you may have firm plans for what should take place, where and how. Either way, what is important, is to write it down. It may not be a cheery thought, but it can certainly be a comforting prospect to know you are eliminating the burden left to loved ones, who (on top of the bereavement pain they will be suffering when you’re gone) would otherwise face the incredible emotional stress of having to make all the tough personal decisions when planning your funeral.

A Pre-paid funeral plan will give you peace of mind knowing those left behind know what your wishes are, saving heart ache and reducing family arguments which regularly occurs when different family members have strong opposing views as to what their loved one would have or would not have wanted for their final farewell.

I didn't want that...

This powerful and poignant film hits home the importance of planning your funeral and sharing your final wishes.

There are a lot of different Pre-paid funeral plans. The key to finding the right one for you is to have a clear idea of your requirements and the budget you have in mind. Pushing Up Daisyz offers a free advisory service to explore those options best suited to you to be able to make more informed choices. Together we can help you to identify your particular tastes and preferences....from the big things, like whether or not it's a cremation or burial the smaller things, like the choice of music or flowers. And you have the choice of paying for the plan in full or by monthly instalments - usually over one to 30 years (dependant on age).  Plans start from around £20 + per month.

Key Benefits

  • Receive all the funeral director’s fees and services at today's prices and save money.

  • Secure the best price on the market.

  • Your plan can be tailored to suit particular tastes and preferences.

  • We can offer a wide range of flexible payment terms (including interest free options).

  • No restrictions on current health, age, or medical history.

  • Peace of mind along with reassurance for your loved ones.

  • Our customers have expressed complete satisfaction with the levels of guidance and support we provide.

What should I do now?

Plan for today for tomorrows circumstances, click here to schedule a meeting with our funeral planner.