Inheritance Tax/Financial Planning

Inheritance tax (IHT) and other financial planning incorporates all those life time questions we may have asked ourselves about. Things like is there going to be inheritance tax to pay on my death? how will my family manage if I fall ill or die prematurely? Do I need a pension for later life? Do I need to make a Will, set up a trust fund or take out lasting power of attorneys (LPA) to protect myself and my family?

Pushing Up Daisyz specialise in court of protection applications and will be happy to complete all of the paperwork for you to ensure it is fully compliant and is not challenged by the court. We will advise you about the court fees when we discuss the application with you. However, some people who are on a low income or receive benefits, may be exempt from court fees, or only have to pay part of them.

Similarly you may have a business and want to be looking in more depth as to where it is heading, establishing what your goals in life are and helping you to make sensible decisions about money to achieve them or identifying the necessity to consider spending your money differently.

Whatever your circumstances it is wise to start building that plan TODAY. You can do this yourself or if your needs are more complex you might want to engage our help alongside one of our independent financial advisors (IFA) who will be able to offer valuable insight and guidance in creating for you a confident sound financial plan to meet your goals. click  here to schedule a FREE consultation.